UNDONE by Cat Clarke

next: IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

next: UNTIL I DIE (book #2) by Amy Plum


THE O.C. (re-watch)

just got done watching: ROSWELL (re-watch)


Birthday Girl (oneshot)
Drunk Of Your Kiss (oneshot)
Fucking Harry Styles (chapter 17)
D.N.A. (chapter 1)
Preferences (requests i got)



side crush on : Louis Tomlinson

also liking: Douglas Smith (marry meeee)

Anonymous asked: *I pout and lightly bite your labia* I don't get a please?

*i whisper* oh fuck, please!

Anonymous asked: *I lean in until my lips are almost touching your heat* what do you want me to do baby? *my lips lightly graze your heat with every word*

*i grind slightly in your direction* don’t tease me, Harry. I want your tongue.

Anonymous asked: *I start to trail little kisses on your inner thigh. I go up one thigh then kiss across right about your heat then kiss back down the other thigh*

*i whimper and let out a curse word in a low tone*

"There’s a girl out here who seems to have broken her arm." 30/08

Anonymous asked: *I push you back softly until your back is on the bed and your legs are hanging off. I get on my knees in between your legs and look up at you*

*i stare at you while biting my lip and open my legs slightly more*

Anonymous asked: What's your porn blog?


Anonymous asked: What other blogs do you have?

i have many blogs and many saved url…. looking for something specific?

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