Reading: HIDDEN (firelight book #3) by Sophie Jordan

Watching: ROSWELL (re-watch)
Next Update: Birthday Girl (oneshot) & Fucking Harry Styles (chapter 17)

Coming Soon: Just An Other Love Story / Terms & Conditions

side crush on : Niall Horan
also liking: Douglas Smith (marry meeee)


leaving for a few days!

im going to the One Direction show in Toronto! leaving in a few hours actually. i will have wifi and im bringing my phone and my computer but ill be a lot on the road so i may not be able to post as much and there wont be any sexual night or anything before i come back. i should be funny back on sunday night but i just may go to bed early when i come back. i’ll be FULLY back on monday. but you’ll hear from me from time to time when im in the hotel room, of course!

stick by me? yea? i love you guys! :)

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attitude hot 100: zayn malik (9)

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Zayn arriving at Chiltern Firehouse in London. 7/31

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